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Types of Stone

There are a variety of stone products that can be used throughout your home to improve its elegance and beauty. Please select a stone type below in order to learn more about the type of stone, and its most useful applications.

Natural Stone Suppliers ▼



Granite slabs are the result of nature's artistic expression and each piece is unique. Just like no two snowflakes are the same, so is the variation in granite. These variations are what cause people to fall in love with the beauty of natural stone and manufactures of man-made (quartz) stone imitate the flow and movement in granite.

  1. One of the most bacteria resistant kitchen surfaces.
  2. Will not stain with proper cleaning and sealing.
  3. Vast assortment of varying colors and patterns with movement and flow, granite is not a seamless product and seams will be visible. We will do our best to minimize but color tones and shading may vary at the seams.
  4. Durability allows for use indoors and outdoors.

Myths Dispelled about Granite

Here are the facts about Natural Stone

  1. Granite is ranked #1 in cleanability when compared to six other surfaces including stainless steel.
  2. Granite has the same cleanability as quartz or man-made stone.
  3. Granite has never been known to emit dangerous levels of radon gas.
  4. Sealing is needed once every 15 years when you use Elegant Stone Products and Protegere Warrantied Sealer.



A material that has been used for many years and now just recently is becoming a more popular choice in kitchens. Be sure when deciding on soapstone that your fabricator is using architectural and not artistic soapstone in fabrication. Architectural contains the properties needed for countertop surfacing.

  1. Available in one color with varying grain.
  2. Food grade mineral oil is used to treat and darken the stone to your taste.
  3. Adjusts to heat, it is possible to place a red hot pan on the surface without damage.
  4. Durability allows for use indoors and outdoors.
Showroom Address Phone Website
Amsum & Ash 30 52nd Way NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421 763-571-8400 www.amsumash.com
Cold Springs Granite Eagan Showroom 3030 Lexington Ave S, Saint Paul, MN 55121 651-686-9192 www.coldspringusa.com
Cold Spring Granite Maple Grove Showroom 9775 85th Ave N. Osseo, MN 55369 763-425-2876 www.coldspringusa.com
Cosentino Center Minneapolis 14105 13th Ave N., Minneapolis, MN 55441 763-546-8456 www.cosentino.com
Daltile & Stone Gallery 233 316 W. Hubbard Ave., Chicago, IL 60654 312-467-0642 www.daltile.com
Daltile Showroom & Slab Yard 1601 Pratt Blvd. A, Elk Grove Village, IL 6007 847-593-9008 www.daltile.com
Levantina USA Chicago 850 Devon Ave. Bensenville, IL. 60106 630-361-6600 www.levantina.com
Midwest Specialty Products LLC 1301 West Third Ave. Shakopee, MN. 55379 952-470-0403 www.bestquartz.com
Midwest Tile, Marble & Granite Inc. IA 2700 100th St. Urbandale, IA. 50322 515-334-0139 www.midwesttile.com
Midwest Tile, Marble & Granite Inc. WI W227N722 Westmound Dr. Pewaukee, WI. 53186 262-547-8400 www.midwesttile.com
Midwest Tile, Marble & Granite Inc.MN 3181 Dodd Rd. Saint Paul, MN. 55121 651-405-0707 www.midwesttile.com
MSI Chicago Showroom & Distribution Center 1441 Jarvis Avenue Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 847-725-6500 www.msistone.com
Primus Stone MN 14645 Felton court Suite #106 Apple Valley MN 55124 952-683-9166 www.primusminnesota.com
Primus Stone IL 1265 Naperville Dr. Unit A Romeoville, IL. 60446 630-378-4881 www.primusnaturalstone.com
Stone Design Showroom & Warehouse WI 2025 E. Birchwood Cudahy, WI. 53110 800-669-4963 www.stone-design.com
Stone Design Showroom & Warehouse IL 551 Mitchell Rd. Glendale Heights, IL. 60139 800-424-1332 www.stone-design.com
Stone Holding Company 7768 West 78th St. Edina, MN. 55439 952-697-3405 www.stoneholdingonline.com
Terrazzo & Marble WI N59W14339 Bobolink Ave. Menomonee Falls, WI. 53051 262-251-7300 www.tmsupply.com
Terrazzo & Marble MN 7145 Sandburg Rd. Golden Valley MN. 55427 763-544-3333 www.tmsupply.com
Terrazzo & Marble IL 77 South Wheeling Rd. Wheeling, IL. 60090 877-867-5227 www.tmsupply.com
UGM -Universal Granite & Marble 3555 South Normal Ave. Chicago, IL. 60609 773-268-4500 www.universalgranite.com

Quartz ▼

Manufactured Stone (Quartz)


Quartz or man-made stone increasingly grows as a countertop surfacing material. Quartz is a durable and attractive surface with a uniform color consistency. Quartz slab manufactures have developed colors to mimic the movement of granite and other stone.

  1. Bacteria resistant countertop surface.
  2. Does not require sealing.
  3. Stain and abrasion resistant.
  4. NSD/ANSI 51 Certified Food Preparation.
  5. Quartz is not a seamless product and seams will be visible. We will do our best to minimize but color tones and shading may vary at the seams similar to natural stone.

The Evolution of Quartz Material

The manufacture of quartz has evolved from basic patterns to patterns with the movement of natural stone. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and the manufactures of quartz are continually developing colors that have the look of granite. If granite is something you are not interested in using, quartz would be a surface material to consider.

Sintered Surfaces ▼

Sinterization Technology process exposes the finest natural minerals to extremely high pressure and temperature—giving the product outstanding physical and mechanical properties in terms of compaction, resistance and durability great for indoor and outdoor applications

Suppliers of Manufactured Compact / Sintered Surface

Recycled Material ▼

Recycled Material

Recycled material transforms waste glass into an exquisite work of art, which will be the center piece of your living room or workspace. The waste glass, made from traffic lights, windows, beverage containers and many other unique sources, is set in a matrix or base. For a classic or contemporary style, consider recycled material.

  1. High recycled content.
  2. Unique color patterns.
  3. Durable surface.
  1. IceStone Recycled Concrete
  2. Vetrazzo Recycled Concrete
  3. ECO Recycled Quartz
  4. IceStone (polymer matrix)

Edge Profiles ▼

Edge Profiles

Demi Bull Nose
Demi Bull Nose
Demi Bull Nose
Demi Bull Nose
Full Bull Nose
Full Bull Nose
Full Bull Nose
Full Bull Nose
Half Bull Nose
Half Bull Nose
Half Bull Nose
Half Bull Nose
Standard Ease
Standard Ease
Standard Ease
Standard Ease

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